About Us

We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm, founded on the 16th day of February 1993 as a competitiveness optimization firm focused on thought-led developmental economics, fiscal sustainability and management advisory services.

Our strength lies in our experience, professional expertise of our partner network, ethical approach and quality of service delivery.

Development Economics & Policy

We advise on Economic Formulation issues and Research with regards to Budgeting, Fiscal Policy, and Monetary Policy and how these policies impact on Economic Growth and Employment.

Fiscal Sustainability & Advisory

Our firm has a model that interrogates states financial practices and issues with respect to the following: Fiscal Sustainability Framework, Debt Management including debt sustainability analysis and more.

Tax Advisory & Consulting

We offer Tax Advisory services to clients regarding their tax obligations to various governments: federal, state and local governments.

Business Solvency & Turnarounds

We use analysis and planning to save troubled companies and returns them to solvency, and to identify the reasons for failing performance (or decreasing presence and position) in the market, and rectify them.

Financial Advisory

We render financial services to various individuals and corporate entities. Our services in this area include: Financial modeling, Writing books of account for clients and preparing final accounts, Sourcing private equity capital.

Project Management & Oversight

Leveraging on our capability to serve as project management advisors in turnkey projects for both corporate and public sector organizations.

Receivership Management, Liquidation & Debt Recovery

Our company offers receivership management liquidation services for companies that the financial and going concern constraints. Our approach is to strive to restructure and reposition the organization as a visible entity or at least maximize the returns on sale of assets in setting as many creditors as possible.

Audit Assurance

We carry our Management, Systems Investigative Audits and any other special Audit as prescribed by our clients. Our strategy in executing the audit is a systematic approach to audit work, based on the operation and the records available in the client’s organization.

Special Investigations & Due Diligence

On the instruction of our clients, we carry out forensic audit to uncover frauds and irregularities in a business operation especially in the accounting department.

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Olufemi Awoyemi
Jojo Dawodu
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